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Here’s a fact: If you die intestate or without a will in Calgary, the Alberta Law will dictate who gets what share out of your property, who administers the estate and when they are going to get control over their share.

The scheme of distribution can be very different from what you would have chosen, which is why it is so important that you should prepare a Will. The absence of a Will can lead to unforeseen legal costs and cause a lot of emotional distress to your family, at a time when they would still be grief stricken from the loss.

Also, the preparation of the Will and the related estate planning helps you organize your business, immovable properties and financial assets in such a way that all of your loved ones are fully satisfied and properly provided for. Writing the Will ensures that your intentions are met and the distribution of the estate conforms with all applicable laws. 


Why Hire a Wills & Estates Lawyer in Calgary?

It’s not so easy to prepare a Will and to carry out estate planning yourself; you will need professional help with that. Shory Law is a leading Calgary Law Firm that specializes in Family Law. We provide assistance with the following…

  • Preparation of Wills and Probates
  • Estate Planning
  • Administration of Estates
  • Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives
  • Applications Related to Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act

We have an experienced team of lawyers specializing in Family Law who work with executors, families and trustees on the Administration of Estates. They handle all court applications; it is their responsibility to take care of all of the legal details related to the Will and Estate Planning.

Preparing A Will

Here’s a quick guide to preparing a Will.

#1: Make a list of your assets. Find out what you own, how much you own and include very real estate, account, investments, etc.

#2: Decide who your heirs are going to be and how much share of the property each one of them will get and what they will get.

#3: Hire a Wills & Estates Attorney in Calgary, someone you trust 100% and discuss your intentions with them.

#4: Talk to your accountant on issues related to tax planning.

#5: Prepare a personal directive and enduring power of attorney, which specifies who should manage your affairs should you be rendered incapacitated by an injury or illness.


About Shory Law

Shory Law has been in business for more than 20 years now and our highly skilled lawyers have a combined 30 years of experience in this profession. We specialize in Family Law in Alberta and are trusted by many with their Will and Estate Planning.

You may rest assured that your estate plan will be in good order and every effort will be made to protect your assets and to provide for your family according to your intentions only.

Contact us for help with the preparation of your Will and Estate Planning.


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