Incorporation can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is an important step for any company looking to establish itself as a legal entity and protect its owners from personal liability. This process not only shields the owners from personal liability, but also enables the business to raise capital and enter into legal agreements.

One of the first steps in starting a business is choosing a business structure that best suits your needs. In Canada, the main business structures are sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. As corporate lawyers, it is our job to guide clients through the incorporation process and ensure that their new business is set up for success.

Why Shory Law?

As leading corporate lawyers, we work with you to ensure the right structure is selected and that all the necessary paperwork is filed correctly on time. We go a step further to educate our clients on their obligations as a new business and guide them through each step of the way.

If you are considering incorporating a business in Canada, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We will be happy to assist you with all your needs.

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What is meant by incorporation?

It refers to the process of registering a business as a legal entity with the government. This allows the business to operate as a separate entity from its owners, protecting them from personal liability.

How to incorporate a business?

A corporate law firm can help with the process of incorporation, as well as providing ongoing legal support and advice.

How do I choose a corporate name for my business?

A corporate law firm can assist you in the name search process and ensure that the chosen name is available and complies with all necessary regulations.

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