Do not allow a refusal of your application be the final decision. Appeal or seek judicial review to have your voice heard.

Do not settle. Appeal a decision with a team of lawyers.

Appealing a decision is stressful and often requires revisiting the initial case and looking for ways to improve the initial application for the decision-maker. At Federal Court, you are bound to the initial application and so it is incredibly important that the initial application was made properly.

Our team prides itself on our legal researching skills and ability to fight zealously on your behalf. We have had numerous positive outcomes, often resulting in a reversal or reconsideration of a decision. We specialize in the following divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada:

  • Immigration Division – Admissibility hearings and detention reviews
  • Immigration Appeal Division – Spousal sponsorship refusals, removal orders, family sponsorship refusals, loss of permanent residency in Canada
  • Refugee Protection Division – Refugee protection claims
  • Refugee Appeal Division – Appeals of refugee protection claims that are refused.

Additionally, our office constantly pushes refusals to the Federal Court of Canada for Judicial Review where appropriate. This includes:

  • Refusals of study permits, work permits, and visitor visa applications
  • Refusal of spousal sponsorship applications made in Canada
  • Refusal of humanitarian & compassionate applications for permanent residency
  • Refusal of decisions made at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Our goal is to win your case

We present your case in a way that resonates with the decision maker at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada or the Justice at the Federal Court of Canada. We follow all procedures by presenting hardships, facts, and analyses that will not go overlooked.

For our team, winning differs from case to case, often resulting in the reversal of visa officer or Board Member decisions. This includes making arguments that permanent residency should be granted right away in certain cases.

Our legal team can ensure that you will be presenting the best possible case in your circumstances.

Consult with us today to appeal your refusal to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada or to seek judicial review at the Federal Court of Canada

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Solutions for facing a refusal of your application


How long does an appeal take?

The duration of an appeal can vary widely depending on various factors, including the type of appeal, the complexity of the case, and the specific circumstances involved. Appeals can take several months to a couple of years to resolve.

What are my chances of winning an immigration appeal?

For a successful appeal, having a solid legal argument supported by relevant evidence is important to increase your chances of success. Shory Law can assess the merits of your case, identify potential grounds for appeal, and provide expert advice and representation to enhance your chances of a successful immigration appeal.

What happens if my immigration appeal is denied?

You may have the option to seek further appeals, such as judicial review or leave to appeal to a higher court, depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of your case. If your appeal is denied, we recommend reaching out to our office. Our immigration lawyers can assess the reasons for the denial, evaluate the potential avenues for further recourse, and guide the next steps.

Can I appeal a visa refusal decision?

In some cases, you may be able to appeal a visa refusal decision. However, the appeal process and eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of visa and the country’s immigration regulations.

What are some common reasons for visa refusals?

Common reasons for visa refusals include incomplete or inaccurate documentation, failure to meet eligibility criteria, insufficient proof of ties to your home country, concerns about the purpose or duration of your visit, and doubts regarding your ability to support yourself during your stay financially.

How can I increase my chances of a successful visa application?

To increase your chances of a successful visa application, it is important to thoroughly understand the requirements, provide accurate and complete documentation, demonstrate strong ties to your home country, and convey your intentions for visiting.

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