Being inadmissible to Canada can be devastating. However, there may be ways to fight it with representation that proves a pathway to overcome it.

Overcoming an Inadmissibility is Possible

Our team of lawyers will analyze the reasons for why you have been designated as inadmissible and determine the best path forward to overcoming it.

Filing for Criminal Rehabilitation or for a Temporary Resident Permit are two of the most common practices and successful ways of overcoming inadmissibility to Canada. You may also be required to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada prior to entering the country.

Temporary and Permanent Inadmissibility to Canada

Inadmissibility can refer to both temporary and permanent entry into the country due to various issues including criminality, medical conditions, and misrepresentation. Let our team of lawyers assist you in fighting to overcome your inadmissibility with proper representation and guidance.

Criminal Inadmissibility Can Be Overturned or Amended

Criminal inadmissibility can result from the following and more:

  • The seriousness of one offense
  • The number of offenses on your record
  • The amount of time since a sentencing

Your reason for entering or remaining in the country can be taken into account when determining inadmissibility to Canada.

There Are Ways to Overcoming an Inadmissibility. Contact Us Today to Discover the Best Path Forward.

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Solution for fighting against your inadmissibility to Canada


How long does criminal rehabilitation take?

Various applications have various processing times. You can check yours here.

How long does it take to get a Temporary Resident Permit?

To acquire a Temporary Resident Permit, you can make an application upon entry into Canada at a Port of Entry. Here, a decision will likely be rendered on the spot. Otherwise, if you are applying while inside Canada, You can check current application processing times here.

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