For Canadian businesses seeking immediate access to international talent and highly skilled foreign labour, the federal Global Skill Strategy Program (GSS) is an ideal option to pool suitably skilled manpower for the growth of their business. 

Under this program, Canadian businesses can welcome new foreign workers to Canada in a month’s time. This program is also beneficial for suitable eligible international workers as their immediate family members can also benefit from the same processing time.

As a part of the immigration applications under this program, Shory Law will provide detailed assistance in preparing and presenting a Labour Market Benefits Plan (LMBP) to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) but also in complying with progress review requirements. 

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What is the eligibility criteria to immigrate under the Global Skill Strategy Program?

To be eligible to immigrate to Canada through GSS program, 

  • your employer must have a positive Global Talent Stream LMIA (for Category A or B workers) from Employment and Social Development Canada.
  • You have an offer of employment from an employer with an  LMIA exemption.
  • Your occupation falls under skill type 0 (managerial, executive) or skill level A (professional).

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How does the Global Talent Stream under the Global Skill Strategy benefit employers?

The Global Talent Stream allows employers to hire foreign workers for specialized positions more quickly and easily. It offers expedited processing times, a streamlined application process, and access to a broader talent pool, helping employers fill critical skill gaps faster.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Global Talent Stream?

To be eligible for the Global Talent Stream, employers must demonstrate that they are hiring for an eligible occupation under Category A (high-demand occupations) or Category B (skills and experience in innovative industries). They must also commit to certain requirements, such as offering competitive wages and facilitating the transfer of skills to Canadian workers.

Can self-employed individuals apply for the Global Talent Stream?

No, the Global Talent Stream is specifically designed for employers to hire foreign workers. It does not provide a pathway for self-employed individuals to obtain work permits or visas under this program. However, other immigration options may be available for self-employed individuals, and Shory Law can guide suitable alternatives.

Can I transition from the Global Talent Stream to permanent residency in Canada?

Yes, the Global Talent Stream can serve as a pathway to permanent residency in Canada. By gaining work experience in a skilled occupation through the Global Talent Stream, foreign workers may become eligible for various immigration programs, such as the Express Entry system, which can lead to permanent residency status. Shory Law can provide guidance on the available pathways and help you navigate the transition to permanent residency.

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