Spousal support is paid by one spouse to another to help the spouse that is of lower-income to become self-sufficient after the separation.  The point of spousal support is to reduce the financial disadvantage that one spouse experiences as a result of the breakdown of the marriage or relationship.

An example of where spousal support might be applicable would be if for example one spouse stayed home during the marriage to take care of the children and did not develop their career simultaneously.  After the separation, the spouse that stayed home might require financial assistance from the other spouse, until they could reintegrate into the workforce.

You have to establish that you are entitled to spousal support for it to apply.  If it is established that spousal support is justified in your situation, then the next step is to go over the finances of both parties to see what would be a fair and equitable amount of spousal support that should be paid every month and for how long that support should be paid till.  Give us a call to consult about the viability of spousal support in your situation and we would be happy to assist you in reaching a fair resolution for spousal support.

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How Can Shory Law Help with Your Spousal Support

At Shory Law we will help you to navigate the realm of spousal support to make sure that you are getting a spousal support amount that is fair and equitable given the circumstances of both parties. Do not hesitate to give us a call for a consultation and a review of your options in regards to spousal support payments post-separation.
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What qualifies someone for spousal support?

If one partner is making substantially more money than the other partner during the relationship, and one partner is financially worse off as a result of the separation, then spousal support could apply for up to half the length of the relationship.

What is spousal support based on?

It is based on the income of the partners and it is based on trying to equalize payment until the partner receiving the spousal support can become more financially independent.

What determines if a spouse gets alimony?

The length of the relationship, comparing the income between the parties and other factors like if one partner left the workforce to take care children for example.

Is Wife entitled to spousal support?

Spousal support is not based on whether you are the wife or husband, it is instead based on how much money the parties were making during the relationship and the length of the relationship.

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