Understanding the emotional and stressful toll these matters have on clients, we at Shory Law, take a client-centric approach to implement tailor-made strategies specific to each client’s situation assisting them in navigating through the complexities of Family Law during their difficult time. Whether it is by mediation, negotiation, arbitration or litigation, we are devoted to obtaining desired outcomes and results for our clients, while ensuring to work in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Family Law is a diverse and personal practice area. The problems that need to be addressed at the time are often entangled with emotions and financial issues. Let us, here at Shory Law, help you through your situation.

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Can I get a divorce if there are issues yet to be settled?

If there are children involved, then the Courts will refuse to grant the Divorce until adequate provisions are made in relations to the children.  This means that an Order for parenting and an Order for child support needs to be in place before the Courts would agree to grant a Divorce.

How does a judge decide custody of a child?

The term custody is being phased out and instead the term Parenting Time is being used.  When looking at how to divide Parenting Time between parents, Judges always keep in mind the Best Interest of the Child. 

How can mediation, negotiation, arbitration or litigation help me?

If you are not able to reach an agreement with your former partner, then these are methods that could help to settle the issues and to reach a compromise between the parties.  Now, separated partners have a duty to try to mediate and negotiate their problems first to see if they could reach a compromise before they proceed to court with litigation.  

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