Corporate disputes in Canada can be costly and time-consuming, but with the proper legal representation, they can be resolved quickly and efficiently. 

With a proven track record, our corporate lawyers stand ready to advocate for clients across a spectrum of corporate disputes. From shareholder conflicts that can fracture business partnerships, to breach of contract claims that threaten operational integrity, and disputes arising from complex mergers and acquisitions – our expertise spans the breadth of corporate conflicts.

Our approach is two-fold: strategic and collaborative. We delve deep into the nuances of each case, unravelling complexities and identifying potential paths to resolution. Simultaneously, we engage with you to ensure your perspective and objectives are integral to the strategy we formulate.

At Shory Law LLP LLP, we believe that every corporate dispute presents an opportunity. An opportunity to safeguard your business’s interests, strengthen relationships, and establish legal precedents. With our guidance, you can navigate the legal intricacies of corporate conflicts with confidence, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – the growth and success of your business.

Why Shory Law LLP LLP?

Our strategies include understanding your business and offering guidance on corporate governance, compliance and risk management to minimize the chances of future disputes. If you’re facing a corporate dispute, our experienced team of corporate lawyers will help you in resolving the disputes effectively and efficiently in the interest of your business. 

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What are the most common types of corporate disputes in Canada?

The most common types of corporate disputes in Canada include disputes related to breach of contract, shareholder disputes, and disputes arising from mergers and acquisitions.

What are the steps involved in resolving corporate disputes through litigation?

The steps involved in resolving corporate disputes through litigation include filing a claim, discovery, motion practice, trial and appeals.

How can we assist with corporate dispute resolution in Canada?

We can assist in representing your business in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, and helping to develop and implement strategies for resolving disputes. We can also advise on the potential outcomes and risks associated with different dispute resolution methods.

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