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Immigration Detention and Detention Review

You could be detained by the CBSA for a number of reasons. When you have been detained, a detention review is to occur within 48 hours of your detention at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada’s Immigration Division.

If you lose your 48-hour detention review, another one will be conducted after 7 days. If you lose your 7-day detention review, another one will be conducted in 30 days. If you lose the 30-day detention review, your detention will be reviewed every 30 days moving forward.

If you have been detained by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) call us at 587-722-BAIL (2245). Our lawyers are equipped to work quickly with you and your family or friends in fighting against your immigration detention.

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Criminal Bail

When someone is charged with an offence in Canada, they may be released by way of an Appearance Notice/Promise to appear or a Recognizance, pending their charges being dealt with in Court.

It is important to understand that anyone who has been charged with an offence has a right to a bail hearing. This is guaranteed by Section 11(e) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It is your right not to be denied reasonable bail without just cause. Usually, if the Crown wants to keep you detained, they have to show the judge why. There are three grounds that the Crown can use to justify to the Judge or the Justice of the Peace, why you should remain in custody.

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