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Are you looking for separation lawyers in Calgary? Here at Shory Law, our professional separation lawyers will work hard to ensure that you reach a solid separation agreement that will result in a faster and less frustrating uncontested divorce.

It may come as a surprise to many people, but most divorces are settled outside of the courtroom and very rarely do any divorce cases end up settled by an actual judge. The majority of modern divorces are resolved by both parties reaching an agreement.

At Shory Law, we know how important it is to guide each one of our clients on the ins-and-outs of a divorce. This includes helping you understand the many different factors you and your divorcing spouse will need to consider when drafting an agreement, as well as helping you negotiate settlement options that are approved by both parties. Let’s take a closer look at what a truly comprehensive separation agreement will contain and why it is important to consult a lawyer during this process.

What is included in a separation agreement?

In short, a separation agreement will settle all of the conditions related to major concerns in a divorce. These concerns are:

Spousal support, if applicable

Child custody and child visitation, if applicable

Child support, if applicable

Asset division; this includes property division, material goods division, as well as dividing factors such as debts and liabilities

During separation agreement negotiations, we will help you and your divorcing spouse (who will likely be using a separation lawyer of their own) create terms that hold up for your needs as well as the needs of any children involved. The terms may require compromises, back and forth negotiations, and often times a sit-down with all parties to hammer out details that can then be put into the agreement. It is especially important for these factors to be thoroughly agreed-to in cases where children are involved due to the sensitive nature of divorce and the impact that an unamicable divorce may have on children.

Note: Many terms in a separation agreement can eventually be changed down the road if necessary. Child support, child custody and visitation can always be re-visited if circumstances change. The goal of the initial separation agreement is to set the terms for the divorce itself.

Do I really need a separation lawyer?

Yes. A professional separation lawyer will ensure that a settlement agreement is drafted the right way, in full compliance with the law. At Shory Law, we will make sure that any agreement follows the legal guidelines that the courts will expect when the agreement is submitted. This will make the process of achieving an uncontested divorce faster, whereas attempting to draft an agreement on your own will almost certainly result in mistakes that could take weeks or even months to resolve. By contrast, our experienced separation lawyers will ensure everything is done properly the first time around.

If you are looking for separation lawyers in Calgary, do not hesitate to contact us today. We will work hard to ensure that you—as well as your children—are well-represented in your divorce case.


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