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Are you looking for commercial law services in Calgary, Alberta? Shory Law is an experienced law firm with a team of professional lawyers who are here to service all of your commercial law needs. Our experienced commercial lawyers have firsthand experience with many different types of commercial law, ranging from business law to understanding the many legalities, loopholes and issues related to the laws that govern commercial operations.

If you need to hire a commercial lawyer, Shory Law will be there for you. Our commercial services include dealing with business related licenses, permits, litigation and more. Let’s take a closer look at our many commercial law related services.

Corporate and Commercial Structure

We can handle many different facets of structuring your corporation, including but not limited to handling:

  • Partnerships
  • Corporate name changes
  • Share transfers
  • Incorporating businesses
  • Annual returns
  • Trade names
  • And much more

Acquisitions and Dispositions

It’s important to understand the laws involved when trying to buy a business, sell a business or start up a completely new business. At Shory Law, we know the ins-and-outs of the corporate laws, tax laws and commercial laws that govern business acquisitions and dispositions.

Corporate Agreements

Here at Shory Law, we know that drafting corporate agreements can be essential for the survival and day-to-day operations of any commercial venture, large or small. It’s essential that these agreements are drafted in accordance with their own wishes as well as the law, which is where our professional team of commercial lawyers comes in.

The types of corporate agreements we can work with include:

  • Franchise agreements
  • Corporate financing
  • Partnership agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Unanimous shareholder agreements
  • Drafting sales agreements, service agreements
  • And more

It’s especially important for agreements to be drafted by professionals because finding out too late into the commercial venture that an agreement down the line was not drafted properly can be time-consuming and expensive to fix.

Other Services

Other services that we can professionally handle at Shory Law include commercial and corporate litigation, as well as employee immigration, such as utilizing the temporary foreign worker program.

Why You Must Hire a Commercial Lawyer

It can sometimes be tempting to handle the above commercial elements of a business or corporation on your own. However, it’s absolutely essential for any documents, drafts, agreements and other law-related elements of a commercial venture to be done with 100% abidance to the law. A mistake made in any sort of commercial related agreement or document could result in time-consuming expensive changes, not to mention possible litigation depending on what went wrong.

That is where our tireless hard-working team at Shory Law comes in. Our experienced commercial lawyers will ensure that everything is in top shape on the legal side for any commercial venture.

If you are interested in a commercial lawyer in Calgary, don’t hesitate to contact us at Shory Law today. We will work hard to make sure that you get everything you need from our commercial law services.


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