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Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A consultation allows potential or existing clients the opportunity to discuss their legal matter with a lawyer. A consultation may cover:

    • The nature of the problem, legally speaking.
    • The legal options that may be available to you.
    • The steps that may be taken, or additional information needed for the protection of interests or evidence in your case.
    • Options for non-legal solutions, if they exist.
    • A recommended approach for a solution, and cost factors associated with the action.
    • Determination of whether legal representation is required for your legal matter or whether the desired outcome can be achieved without a lawyer.

    Each lawyer has an hourly rate for initial consultations. We are happy to provide rates upon request. Consultation fees are payable at the time of the initial appointment with your lawyer.

    Fees may be paid with Cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Interact/Debit. Personal cheques are not accepted for initial consultations.

    Consultations are more efficient when you come prepared. Before your consultation, we suggest that you draw up a list of all the questions you would like to discuss with your lawyer. Bring this list, along with documents pertaining to your legal matter. Your lawyer will be able to provide detailed information and offer the most relevant advice in a reasonable period of time.

    Supporting Documentation for your consultation:

    The list below is a sample of supporting documentation that may be relevant during your initial consultation:

    • SIN Card and Drivers’ License
    • Typed timeline of the marriage, including wedding date, names and birth dates of all children, major purchases, and details of problems leading to the decision to dissolve the marriage.
    • Information showing current income of each party for use in addressing spousal or child support.
    • Any pertinent documentation pertaining to a current case if you are engaged in an active suit, an enforcement proceeding, or modification. This includes documents or court papers you have been served on behalf of a spouse, and all other correspondence in your case.
    • Copy of your pre-nuptial agreement, or any other signed agreements you have with your spouse.
    • A statement of finances that shows your current debts and assets, making note of any property or assets that belonged, in whole or in part, to you before your marriage. Also note assets or property bequeathed to you as an inheritance or gift from someone other than your spouse.

    Providing your lawyer with a timeline of your marriage, financial assets and debts, and any other pertinent documentation will allow for better insight into the issues you are facing. This information assists the legal process, to ensures you receive the best answers to your questions.

    Our level of service is best facilitated by the provision of the necessary information during your initial consultation. At Bennett Law Chambers, we are committed to helping our clients protect their interests, and can see you through your legal matter.