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Inadmissible to Canada for Misrepresentation and Appealing this Decision

What Does a Finding of Misrepresentation Mean for You? A finding of misrepresentation on your immigration application may render you inadmissible to Canada. A result of this finding of inadmissibility can result in a 5-year ban from being able to immigrate or travel to Canada. Client’s often approach us with this issue, and we let...

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What is Impaired Driving?

Introduction Impaired driving is one of the most common criminal offences in Canada. In 2017, the police reported more than 69,000 impaired driving incidents. In Alberta, there are also regulations regarding impaired driving under the provincial government Immediate Roadside Sanctions Program in addition to the criminal regulation. Dealing with a charge of impaired driving can...

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Jatin Shory’s Opening Statement- House of Commons Standing Committee 2020 CIMM Meeting No. 5

Madame Chair Honourable committee members Thank you for the opportunity to appear before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration this afternoon. Again, my name is Jatin Shory and I am an immigration and refugee lawyer, working at Shory Law in Calgary, Alberta. It is my understanding that the Committee is currently studying the impact...

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Study Permit Refusals

Why has my study permit been refused? Receiving a refusal by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada of one’s study permit can be devastating. Typically, refusals are issued for a number of reasons. Often individuals are advised that: In accordance with Section A11(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), any person wishing to become...

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Criminal Convictions, Sentencing, Immigration and Deportation From Canada

Often, many Permanent Residents and Temporary Residents in Canada who are charged with a crime, are not aware of the consequences of pleading guilty or accepting a sentence on their immigration status. This information is critical as your criminal conviction and sentence can have a tremendous impact on your options for avoiding deportation from Canada....

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How to Prepare for your Spousal Sponsorship Appeal

Preparing for a spousal sponsorship refusal appeal at the Immigration Appeal Division can be an intimidating task. There are several procedural rules, deadlines, and document requirements that often go missed when preparing a case. We have seen many Appeals get refused at the Immigration Appeal Division simply due to clients being unprepared. As such, I...

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Domestic Violence

Life happens and mistakes are made. But one mistake shouldn’t cost you, your family. Domestic violence is something the courts take very seriously. Assault charges arising from these fights between husbands and wives can be tricky to deal with. “No Contact” and “No Go” Once the police charge you for domestic violence, and depending on...

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What to do if your work permit has been refused?

Receiving a refusal by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada of one’s work permit can be devastating. It is imperative to consult an immigration lawyer to understand the options available to appeal the decision. Why has my work permit been refused? Typically, work permit refusals are issued for a number of reasons. Often individuals are advised...

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Temporary Resident Visas

Temporary Resident Visas, better known as visitor visas, to Canada can take many shapes and forms. Typically, they can be for the purpose of tourism, visiting family, or conducting exploratory visits for the purpose of future investments. In 2017, a total of 1,438,633 Temporary Resident Visas and 3,932,529 electronic travel authorizations were approved for visitors....

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Study Permits

Canada has made serious efforts over the past years to attract international talent in the form of international students for its various educational institutions. However, prior to being able to study in Canada, it is important that international students who want to immigrate to Canada to study acquire a study permit. What is a study...

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