Laura-Anne Goulding

Immigration Law

Laura-Anne Goulding

Laura-Anne Goulding is an immigration lawyer, with a genuine passion for assisting individuals through the complexities of immigration processes. Laura-Anne achieved academic success by earning her Bachelor of Arts in World History from the University of Calgary in 2016. Building on her educational accomplishments, she completed an LLB with Honours at the esteemed University of Birmingham in 2018.

Beyond her legal practice, Laura-Anne is deeply committed to making a positive impact through volunteer work. She has actively engaged with various organizations throughout her career, including Calgary Legal Guidance, The Alex Community Health Centre, the Women’s Centre of Calgary, and the History Students’ Association at the University of Calgary. During her time in Birmingham, Laura-Anne also contributed her skills and time to the Birmingham Community Law Centre Immigration Clinic and the Post Graduate Mature Students’ Association.

One of Laura-Anne’s notable achievements is her involvement in the Women’s Legal Landmarks Project. This project encompasses various legal cases, statutes, and events from the UK, including England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. These landmarks represent significant milestones in women’s legal history, spanning eleven centuries. The project also features short biographies of pioneering women, highlighting the achievements of practising lawyers and legal academics from the 1880s to 2017. Laura-Anne’s involvement in this project demonstrates her dedication to recognizing and commemorating the progress in advancing women’s rights within the legal sphere.

In addition to her work in immigration law, Laura-Anne is mastering Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and American sign language. Laura-Anne combines her love for travel with an active lifestyle, enjoying indoor rock climbing and bouldering activities and has taken on thrilling challenges such as the Tour de Crave, cycling 80km to explore all Crave locations in Calgary, and participating in the MudGirl Run, a 5km obstacle course race.


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours), University of Birmingham (2018)
  • Bachelor of Arts (World History ), University of Calgary (2016)

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